Let’s Be Honest…

26 Dec

You kinda wish Donovan McNabb would throw a few chairs and raise his voice a little.

Troy Smith and Mike Singletary of the San Francisco 49ers were definitely not on the same page.  Now that Mike is gone will Troy be with the 49ers next year?

None of these early bowl games are of any interest to anyone outside of the schools represented. [Read Robin’s post re: bowl games here]

The Heat won the Christmas Day game but you still think the Lakers will win the title.

The Minnesota Vikings seem to have all kinds of trouble trying to find places and times to play games.

Ed Reed is on fire, literally and figuratively.

The college basketball season has no real buzz.

By suspending the Ohio State football players for selling their own belongings, the NCAA has once again proven it is completely out of touch with reality.

What happened to the Jets and Da Bears defenses?  Someone put out an APB.

The Bengals won not with Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco (aka T.Ocho, Batman and Robin, whatever) but with Carson Palmer making it happen.  *scratching head*

The Jaguars lost their steam without Maurice Jones-Drew who missed his first ever NFL game due to injury.

Didn’t you wish Peyton ran in for the TD and maybe took a hit for once?

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