Let’s Be Honest…

19 Dec

Our unfiltered thoughts on the past week in sports…

This week you really needed NFL RedZone or Sunday Ticket.

DeSean Jackson is messing with fate.  He either will get knocked silly or fined soon.

He’s a jerk but you can’t deny this to win the game:

Didn’t you feel a little bad for Matt Dodge, the rookie punter?

Isn’t it funny that after T.O. got called out for blasting his team he’s done for the season? (hint, hint D. Jax)

Eagles fans need singing lessons.  OK, this might be personal since Robin had to hear this several times yesterday but imagine this x3 and in an enclosed space:

You like Michael Vick too but cringed when he said he’d like to own a dog again.

Ray Rice is finally getting you fantasy football points!

Even if you played in the NFL you’d be scared to try to take this big boy out:

Did you watch any of the bowl games this weekend?  Oh…didn’t think so.

Ralph Friedgen (aka Fridge) might not be your favorite coach but for the new athletic director at UMD to basically kick him to the curb after winning ACC Coach of the Year was kinda cold. [more info here]

The Wizards didn’t get better with that trade, they just wanted to get Gilbert Arenas away from John Wall.

The 24/7 on the Capitals/Penguins game is really good TV (but you’re still not gonna watch the game).

Austin Collie should probably shut it down for the season forever.

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