Does Old Joe Have To Go?

14 Dec

Joe Paterno, the legendary football coach at Penn State University has indicated he would like to coach four or five more years.  This is not really big news, unless you realize that Joe Paterno has held that position since 1966 and is 83 years old.  A part of me feels like he’s earned the right to coach as long as darn well pleases.  Joe Paterno IS Penn State football.  But then reality sets in.

How on earth is a damn near 90 year old man going to coach 18 year old boys?  How does he relate to the issues of these kids raised on technology and short cuts?  It’s hard to imagine that he can relate to the kids very well.  Can you imagine trying to explain an ipad to an 83 year old man?  So I can’t help but think Joe is nothing more than a figurehead.  He’s the closer they bring out when they need to lobby for better facilities and more money, speak at fundraisers, or to get that one last talented recruit.  No way you can convince me he’s in the room drawing up X’s and O’s, watching film, and breaking down opposing defenses.

So what’s the harm really?  Why not let Joe stay as long as he pleases, even if he is reduced to the Walmart greeter position for the team.  He’s doing the thing he loves and he’s not really hurting anybody.  But let’s just hope they keep him away from phone interviews.

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One response to “Does Old Joe Have To Go?

  1. skrapdiggy

    December 16, 2010 at 11:11 pm

    I thought the same thing until I saw how Florida State went from yearly power to ACC doormat. JoePa is old, and that means he’s probably mean and crotchety but when the university library has the football coach’s name on it then I think he writes his own ticket. It’s borderline sad that everyone knows he’s not coordinating anything but a banquet speech, but if it helps you get that 4 star linebacker in your uniform…


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