Lay Down and Stay Down Brett

13 Dec


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WTF!  Even Mother Nature and God are now on Brett Favre’s side!  So we all thought he wasn’t going to play on Sunday but nooooooooooo it would not work out that way.  The snow and winds come and destroy the rooftop of the Metrodome and wouldn’t you know it Favre gets an extra day to recover and has a shot at playing!  Why won’t he go away?!  I’m pretty sure the majority of NFL fans are over this saga and were hoping he’d be on the bench, sitting down, anywhere but on the field and forever on our tv screen.  Are we being forced to learn patience and understanding?  Well, I don’t wanna!  I am sick, sick, SICK of this saga and him!  And that’s a lot coming from me because I had been pretty much unaffected by this Favre-opera up until about a month ago.

And really clearly there is a difference with Brett off the field.  His injury was actually a benefit for the team last week.  Tarvaris Jackson got the team on the winning track against the Buffalo Bills last week.  Coach Leslie Frazier said he would do what’s best for the team but still allows the QB position to sit in limbo by leaving the option of having Favre to start.  HELLO!!!  It’s time to start focusing  on the future, which is clearly not Brett Favre (old fart).  Was he not impressed by Jackson’s performance?  I mean, who is really running  this team?  Someone needs to man up  and tell Favre no!  I just don’t understand and I know I am not alone.  What am I missing?  Tarvaris wins the game, Favre has been costing you wins.  Where does it make sense to start the old guy?  What are you doing to the morale of this team?  We already know they despised Chilly and you got rid of him.  So now it’s time to make the next logical choice.  This Vikings team needs to begin turning in another direction, the right one.  It’s no point in putting stock into something that is not paying you dividends, i.e. wins, nor leading to some positive result in the future.  Why delay the inevitable?  This man, who has had a great history in the NFL (and has somewhat tarnished it by being stubborn and continuing to play), needs to pack it up and head home.  His only job should be to help mentor the new QB of this team.  Give it up already!  Most  of the NFL world has already, it’s time for the Vikings to catch up.

Update: Holy moly Farve inactive! We are saved!

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