ESPNW: This Lady’s Take

08 Dec

Wow!  Alba and I are just hearing about this.  No, literally!  We just found out about it today!  And if we are their target audience why are we just hearing about this?  I like the concept however, even before looking at the site I wondered what will this give us that ESPN does not and how will it cater to the ladies.  I was hoping it did not dumb things down because some of us are just as fanatical as men but then again some know absolutely nothing.  Do we really need something separate?  And is this a ploy to make money in this untapped market much like the NFL and Fit for You?  That mess ain’t cheap!!! [Feel free to peruse here]

Now that I have looked at the site my thoughts are…why aren’t WE writing for this?!?!  No, sorry. lol  It’s pretty much a blog with several contributors, females of course, with ties to the sports world.  Some are/were athletes, some work in a sports or health-related profession, others are simply fans (again, I’m wondering why we don’t write for them).  It seems that they want to create a community, trying to engage readers and have them share their thoughts, as well as highlight the achievements of women athletes.  It is definitely not what I originally thought.  Yet it is still in it’s infancy.  It still visually looks like your basic blog, not much content besides the actual posts.  I suppose that they intend to use the community to build the site into what they want to see and feel that they are missing from what is already out there.  The posts are good but you do need some sports knowledge to understand what is being discussed.  The site as a whole seems to be a daily review on what goes on in the sports world with each contributor focusing on what she knows and can talk/type best.

Hmm, I can dig it.  I might just join.  They might just ask us to write. 😉

Check it out for yourself:

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One response to “ESPNW: This Lady’s Take

  1. skrapdiggy

    December 9, 2010 at 12:16 am

    I say the two of you go over there and take it over. Why not?


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