What’s Fat, Lazy, and Makes Over 100 Million Dollars?

07 Dec

This Guy.

Oh Albert Haynesworth, he of the 100 million dollar contract who couldn’t pass a simple fitness test at the beginning of training camp.  This man accepted a 26 million dollar bonus in April and refused to show up to any of the mini camps or offseason workouts with the team.  Why you ask?  Because he didn’t like the new defense scheme and didn’t want to play nose tackle.  Maybe it’ just me but for 26 million my boss could ask me to dress in drag and dance a hula (shout out to Timon and the Lion King).

Now after game 12 (the fourth game he was inactive for the season) Albert comes out and says he just wants to play.  Sorry Al, actions speak louder than words.  In a season where Ben Roethlisberger has a broken nose, Brett Favre has a broken well…everything, and Reggie Bush is back from a broken leg I do not want to hear about your “flu like” symptoms keeping you off the field.  He then stated that yes he had a bad practice, which is only practice *cues up epic Allen Iverson practice rant*, and says it shouldn’t have kept him from the game.

This is one guy that simply doesn’t get it.  In football, it’s not about what you say, but what you do.  Albert has been in Washington for two seasons and has barely played 40% of the teams defensive downs.  He is often out of the game during key periods.  Let’s not even discuss the nap he took while Michael Vick made a key play in the Eagles thrashing of the Skins on Monday Night Football.  The sad part is if he wanted to, he could be an elite defensive tackle.  In reality, he doesn’t have the desire and only cares about himself.  In this interview, he often mentions what he wants and the goals he has.  Perhaps someone should tell him, it’s a team sport.


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One response to “What’s Fat, Lazy, and Makes Over 100 Million Dollars?

  1. MissKish

    December 7, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    another one bites the dust! mediocre play for great pay …. then go somewhere else and be a positive contributor. O, how I wish I could suit up for $26M


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