The Fans Have Spoken

03 Dec

I don’t watch the NBA much and I sure haven’t lately so you will have to pardon my lack of knowledge.  So please feel free to fill me in.  The majority of things that stuck with me from what I saw last night in the Heat versus Cavs game were fan-related.

Here is the chant list that was put out prior to the game last night:

I have never been able to understand the chants at basketball games and even having read this list ahead of time I didn’t know they were saying “Akron hates you” until the announcer said so.  I do applaud the Cavalier fans for a concentrated and coordinated effort to boo every time LeBron got the ball though.  Kudos.  I think my favorite display of disdain were the group of men whose shirts spelled “LeBum.”  Nice, simple, I like.

Now, I was not so fond of the crowd screaming “a$$hole” (that I heard).  I’m used to hearing that at college events and well, they don’t know any better.  There are plenty of children at NBA games.  What’s that about?!  And it was not on the chant list!  I bet they had kids going along with it, right next to their parents.  Lovely.

And in somewhat related news why didn’t anyway warn me about Craig Sager’s suits?  Although he was nicely coordinated with the Cavs colors.  And why didn’t anyone tell me Juwan Howard is still playing?  Sheesh, I might need a refresher on all things NBA.

Here’s one more parting shot….

Gotta love fans.  Now if only the Cavaliers could work on winning.


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2 responses to “The Fans Have Spoken

  1. Toye

    December 3, 2010 at 6:54 pm

    Nicely written.


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