The Other Killa Cam

02 Dec

He’s not a rapper but a star on the NCAA football field.  He throws a mean pass and seems to get his team back in the game every time they are losing and pull out the dub.  You’ve read my take on the SEC (and if you haven’t you should) so I shouldn’t like this guy but I do.  And I wanted this whole fiasco with Mississippi State offering $180K for him to play to go away.  I thought to myself “Oh lawd, not another Reggie Bush-like saga.”

His daddy, a preacher AND a bishop, tried to go pay for play and barter his son off to the highest bidder supposedly unbeknownst to Cam.  Why can’t the religious folks  be God-like like they are always claiming to be?!  I know a couple hundred Gs would be nice, I’d like that too, but to jeopardize your son’s football career over it.  Would it have been worth it Pastor Daddy?  He’ll buy you a home and cars once he makes it big.  [Side note: Doesn’t his father look a lil sketchy/untrustworthy in that pic?  I’m just sayin’.]

But Cam’s been cleared (for now).  He basically got less than a slap on the wrist by being declared ineligible for 24 hours and reinstated the next day, no major effect in getting prepared for the SEC Championship versus the University of South Carolina.  Although who is to say after all of this that more info is uncovered and the NCAA’s stance changes and someone else has to return the Heisman. :-S

I know Coach Gene Chizik is happy to have Cam on his team.  Without him they surely would not be 12-0, #1 in the BCS poll, and able to brag about beating Alabama in the Iron Bowl.  Auburn finally gets to step out of the shadow of the other state powerhouse.  And if you haven’t learned already I like variety in my sports.  Keep mixing it up!  Now, about that playoff championship system…

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