Don’t Mess With Texas

30 Nov

Yesterday news broke that TCU was moving all of its sports from the Mountain West Conference to the Big East.  Wait?  What?  How on earth does this work?

The NCAA constantly tells us it’s  student first but let’s be real it’s about money.  That is the ONLY reasonable explanation for TEXAS Christian University to move all of their sports to a conference that is primarily in the northeast.  TCU has been dominant in its conference in football for the past few years and has consistently been screwed by the BCS.  The one year they received a BCS berth they played the other BCS outcast, Boise State. The only way TCU can get BCS respect is to join a BCS conference that receives an automatic bid.  One would think the logical landing place would be the BIG 12.  Particularly since they’ve had a few defections and are in need of competition.  But who said big money college sports were logical?

The bottom line is the Big East has an automatic BCS bid and below average football teams.  As a result, you can pretty much pencil in TCU as the recipient of that automatic berth (and the money that goes with it) for the foreseeable future.  Does it matter that the closest Big East school is 868 miles away in Louisville, KY (which is already pushing it for the Big East)?

As football goes, so do the rest of your sports.  In America, football is king.  So now you have all of your athletic programs traveling halfway across the country to participate in competition.  How much sense does it make for the volleyball team to travel to the University of Connecticut for a match?  How much school will these athletes miss during their season?  How much sense does that make?  Basically it makes none, but it does make dollars and really that’s all that matters.

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One response to “Don’t Mess With Texas

  1. JamG

    December 1, 2010 at 11:18 am

    My first thought was also the amount of school that would be missed due to traveling. I’m sure the travel costs will be increasing as well. So conference names are no longer connected to the geographical name that they’ve been given. Brilliant.


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