What About Chilly?

23 Nov

Dang, Chilly can’t even get any shine in his exit.  Here is my open letter to him:

Well Brad Childress, your nickname sure is befitting.  You’ve been getting the cold shoulder for a while now and even in your firing it’s STILL all about Favre!  How you like that?!  But I guess that’s how it was meant to be since you, in cahoots with your front office, made it all about him.  Now because of that Favre is the first thing talked about on NFL updates, wrap ups, news, etc. and your firing was barely talked about.  They’re even discussing the fact that two firings came at the hands of a Packers’ defeat more than you getting axed.  How does that feel?  Shoot, I feel bad for you.  So today, Brad Childress, you get the spotlight from The Sporty Girlz.  I know we aren’t ESPN or anything but at least someone is paying you some attention.

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Posted by on November 23, 2010 in Football, NFL, Robin


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