Dear Baseball, We’re Over You Already. Signed, Other Sports

23 Nov

Here it is November 23rd and baseball is still giving out its post season awards. Does Bud Selig not own a television? Is he not aware that ALL of the major sports are now in season and the public at large has moved on? Someone needs to talk to the powers that be in baseball and let them know that there is no benefit to their season stretching through the entire calendar. Its probably not good for the sport for the Most Valuable Player award to be a buried story on SportsCenter behind NASCAR and Duke whipping up on the pansy of the moment.

Baseball is struggling to find a new audience and the thought is probably to string things out to keep people talking. I’m not entirely sure that dragging the World Series into November and the awards into Thanksgiving is the right way to go. How about having games start and end before the kids that you need to grow up to be your next group of fans go to bed? Then let’s try to wrap this entire thing up before it gets cold outside. I’m fairly certain people in Minnesota and Seattle (where there are snow warnings right now) aren’t dreaming about tossing the ball.

So someone clue Bud Selig in, or at the very least show him a channel guide so he can understand that now is not the time to talk baseball.

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One response to “Dear Baseball, We’re Over You Already. Signed, Other Sports

  1. skrapdiggy

    November 23, 2010 at 11:27 am

    Baseball has been grasping for straws since the McGwire/Sosa chase in the mid 90s and even with that it was a fail because both the guys were cheating. They had better be careful, not only is baseball no longer America’s “pastime” but they might be battling for last place in our sports lives with the NHL in a decade or so if they don’t get it together.


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