The SEC is lame

22 Nov

Well at least this year it is, at least to me.  I’ll admit I’m a little biased but most of the teams in the SEC have been playing very sloppy college football (and I believe NCAA football to be a bit messy in general).  LSU barely wins on several occasions and is #5. What?!  And all this talk about SEC being a tough conference so they deserve high ranking…poppycock!!!  No one should pity a team because they suck in a tough conference, MAN UP!!!

I ranted on Facebook too in response to being told the SEC is tough: WAAAHHH!!! SEC is so tough!!! I play sloppy but since my conference is so tough I deserve high ranking! WAAAAHHH!!! My conference is tougher than TCU’s and Boise State’s those voters know that so they should give me higher ranking! Pity me!!!

Whew, that felt good.

But really, is this what happens when a conference has been on top for too long?  Just making excuses and giving passes?  Teams and conferences have ups and downs which should allow for others to do well and gain some notoriety.  I guess I like variety, dynasties are boring to me.  I want to see other teams do well and not just hear about Florida and Alabama.  Maybe I have subconscious issue with the BCS ranking system that I need to explore.  And I guess that puts me on the TCU, Boise State, Oregon, any non-SEC team bandwagon.  Oh well, I’m fine with that.

Now, onto my Alabama rant.  It gets personal here so if you want to stop reading now you can.  I was so happy to see Alabama go down not once but twice.  YES, redemption!  Now let me explain, I used to work for the University of Alabama…’nuff said (I know, I don’t know what I was thinking).  As a result I’m Miss Anti-Alabama (oh, I got stories) but it began with my disappointment in Nick Saban and his team when Alabama gave up in the second half in last season’s Rose Bowl.  I was so disgusted!  Respect Texas enough to not act like you had everything wrapped up in just the first half.  But of course I couldn’t have this discussion with anyone because it was Roll Tide all the way, they could do no wrong.  However, I do love Nick Saban, that dude is hilarious.  He is so dead serious all the time and can cut you with his words.  I loved his press conferences and sound bites on the local news = instant comedy.

Anyway, War Eagle, I say!  I hope Auburn wins the Iron Bowl.  Although Cam Newton…well, that’s another post.

I’ve been waiting to get that off my chest.  Thanks for letting me share. *end of rant* I know I’m going to get fussed at for this one.  SEC fans are die hard.  Let me say I’m happy to be back in ACC country, it’s where I belong.


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2 responses to “The SEC is lame

  1. Tamblyn

    December 15, 2010 at 10:10 am

    I am LOL at your post. It’s biased yet so true. Being born and raised in the state of Alabama I have NEVER liked Alabama or Auburn and only imagine the stories you have from working at Alabama. My brother plays for Tennessee so I’m biased towards the SEC 🙂 BUT, I 100% agree with you on the dynasty part. I also get tired of fools saying they want the National Championship and Heisman to stay in the state. First, neither of those schools represent me a HBCU grad. Second, I was hopeing Texas beat Bama to sleep last year but we know what happened to Colt McCoy in the first half of that game. Third, I am disgusted with the slap on the hand Cam has gotten when Reggie Bush bascially got harrassed for his Heisman for the same reason. BUT like fools say here “whites do it all the time.” REALLY? So, it’s okay for blacks to sell their soul for a dollar because whites do it; WOW. I missed that memo. I tell them for sake of argument let’s say this situation was about Tim Teebow or Greg McElroy yall same negros would be bringing up slavery, Jessie, Al and the NAACP and how “the white man always get over.” But it’s cool because It’s Auburn who was robbed of a chance to play for the national championship in 04 when Jason Campbell led them to and undefeated season and Cam Newton is the black innocent dude. I guess you can tell by my post I hate Alabama and Auburn huh? 🙂 Love this blog will spread the word.

    • thesportygirlz

      December 20, 2010 at 2:42 pm

      Thanks Tamblyn, glad you enjoyed and can identify. It’s crazy how people just can get behind those two teams, especially Alabama, and not know the history. I want to like Cam but I’m sure the other shoe will drop soon enough. And I think things are going his way because we both know the SEC rules BCS/NCAA Football and will do what they can to save face and their legacy. But I definitely feel much better having let all that out, hope you did too! lol


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