Watch NASCAR? Yes We Can!

18 Nov


What if I told you there was a finale of a sport that comes down to one event and three teams with a chance to win, and 28 other teams have a chance to affect the outcome?  You’d be interested right?  What if that finale was being held near Miami, Florida only minutes from South Beach; the land of glitz, glamour, silicone boobs, and Rick Ross.

That very scenario is going down this weekend on a race track near Miami, Florida.  This weekend Denny Hamlin, Jimmy Johnson, and Kevin Harvick fight it out for the chance to be crowned the Sprint Cup Champion.  There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of the three names I’ve listed but trust me, they are superstars.  Johnson trails Hamlin by a mere 15 points, the slimmest of slim margins.  This is a winner take all situation.  Lurking 46 points behind Hamlin is Harvick who just needs a few missteps to take over.  Johnson is trying to make history as the first every 5 time back to back champion.

NASCAR is a sport of seconds, although races take hours.  Where else can you see 4 tires changed and get 12 gallons of gas in under 14 seconds (and it better be well under if you want to win)?  If one pit crew rolls a tire too far or if a driver pulls a foot too far forward during a pit stop, you lose.   There is nothing as riveting as watching cars running 3 or even 4 across at close to 200 mph around turns.  If you’re lucky, you see a spectacular crash and pile up of metal (but not the Dale Earnhardt kind, the dang those cars messed up but everyone walked away kind).  Its the only sport where the teams that have no shot still participate.  Imagine if during the football playoffs the Cleveland Browns stuck around and ran on the field and started tackling Patriots players during their AFC Championship game?  What if random Cleveland Cavaliers came out and started blocking Kobe Bryant shots during the NBA Playoffs?  That’s NASCAR.  A driver that finished dead last in EVERY race still runs along side the leaders and has a chance to win.

Who doesn’t want to watch the sport that inspired Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby?  Who hasn’t screamed out “Shake and Bake” at inappropriate moments in their lives?  Who doesn’t pray to little 8 lb 6 oz newborn baby Jesus at dinner…or is that just my house?  Anyway, I challenge you to turn it on for 5 minutes (or the equivalent of an instant replay challenge in football).  I guarantee you get sucked in.  OK, how about you just change during halftime of the football game and take a peek?  You never know, you might like it.

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